100 things to put in party bags

If you’re throwing a kids party and looking for ideas for what to put in the party bags… then here they are! We’ve hundreds of party bag filler ideas and gorgeous eco friendly party bag ideas too!  What Do You Put In Party Bags? Planning a kids party can be hard work! And usually takes a little time to pull together. With so many things to think about from party games, party food and buffet ideas, to outfits or even fancy dress ideas. Wondering if the house will get trashed….. Trying to decide if you should book a venue? Wondering what [...]


11 Fun and Educational Indoor Activities for 1-Year-Olds

With their newfound ability to walk and constantly improving language skills, your 1-year-old is developing at a staggering rate. "Between 12 months and 2 years, kids are starting to do things on their own, seeing cause and effect, and actively engaging with others in their environment," says Robert Myers, Ph.D., a child and adolescent psychologist, founder of the Child Development Institute, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. And while toddlers will do plenty of exploring on their own, caregivers getting involved is essential to a 1-year-old's development. In fact, "parents [...]


25 Best Girl Birthday Cakes

Ballerina Cake Pink satin slippers top a pink tutu ruffle girl birthday cake from Gateauxlicious. Your little dancer will love this! AND, this darling ballerina birthday cake looks perfect atop this Milk White Glass Cake Stand. I just love milk glass! Ice Cream Cake An ice cream party cake! It’s fairly simple, yet absolutely beautiful. Fresh Mommy Blog made this one for her little girl and I recognize some of her paper wear is from Target! Shopkins Cake This fun, bright and colorful Shopkins girl birthday cake from Hot Mama’s Cakes will [...]


Important of Family Activities

Would you spend enough time thinking about the problem of family entertainment? When parents compare notes and questions regarding parenting, the problem of entertainment rarely pops up. In the end, just how can family fun match up against such important issues as health, safety, values, diet, and education? But family fun is a vital problem for parents for 3 reasons. First, you should keep in mind that family bonds aren’t born within the delivery room. Family bonds need to be forged and strengthened with time. Family fun is a terrific way to build family bonds by spending some time together. When [...]


The Top 25 Christmas Presents for Kids

Czech Games Codenames Board Game Rival spymasters, assassins, secret identities, and more are involved in this fast-moving, simple, yet challenging game. Teams compete to see who can make contact with their agents first, all while avoiding an assassin. Recommended for ages 10 and up, the game is best played with a group of four to eight players, so it is perfect for family game night. WowWee PinkFong Baby Shark Doll Delight any little kiddo with their very own baby shark. The super-soft plush is super cuddly and safe for babies. Squeeze baby shark’s belly and you’ll hear four verses of the [...]


Best Carousel Rides Around the World

Jane's Carousel You know a carousel must be quite special if it is the first to make the National Register of Historic Places. Jane's Carousel, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, is truly unique. Paris in Photos Serendipitous light on a September afternoon--a rainbow arcing over the Eiffel Tower and ending at the gold dome of L'Église des Invalides in central Paris. Carousel Bar What a trippy and unique experience. Tourists and locals alike are crowded shoulder to shoulder on this revolving carnival ride, ordering drinks with exotic names like Vieux Carré, London Fairy, and Corpse [...]


The Top 10 Kids Youtube Channels that will entertain the whole family

When a rainy day keeps the whole family indoors, it's only a matter of time before you've exhausted the selection of kids' shows on Netflix, as well as each and every one of the best animated movies on Netflix. When that happens, everyone usually turns to the nearest phone, tablet, or laptop to pass the time with YouTube. (Sometimes you can delay this by challenging everyone to a family board game.) Although YouTube is one way to quiet the "I'm bored" chorus, when you hear in-depth video game analysis and toy unboxing videos, it makes you wonder if there are kids' [...]


Healthy Birthday Party Snack Ideas

1. Edamame Edamame in the pod is a simple and highly portable addition to your snack table. The combination of color and protein in these little beans just can’t be beat. They’re also a super source of folate. Take it Up a Notch: For an easy twist, try Roasted Edamame Pop’ems. Toss shelled edamame beans with olive oil and kosher salt and roast them up for a super satisfying snack. They’re best served warm, straight out of the oven. Photo courtesy of Chris Chowaniec 2. Carrots + Hummus Give your snack table a bit of crunch with carrots and pair them with [...]


We have increased our cleaning procedures

Dear Funtubbles patron, Like so many of you, we have spent the last several days and weeks learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our community. Our top priority at Funtubbles is the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff. While South Africa has not seen a large impact locally, we are diligently monitoring the guidance of the local health organizations. We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean every day and to continue to offer a safe, fun place for families. We have increased our cleaning procedures: • Disinfecting “high touch” surfaces such as seats, handles, [...]


Do it yourself kids party entertainment ideas:

These activities and ideas are DIY and can easily be put together by anybody. Party prizes can also be given out to all the winners of each game. Ball toss This game is easy and fun to do with the kids You will need: You can use buckets or plastic cups Balls: ping pong balls, ball pond balls or you can even just crumple up some colour paper into balls. Line the buckets or cups in a row. Get the kids to throw their ball into the cup or bucket. The first one to get all their balls in wins Balloon [...]

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