These activities and ideas are DIY and can easily be put together by anybody. Party prizes can also be given out to all the winners of each game.

Ball toss

This game is easy and fun to do with the kids

You will need:

  • You can use buckets or plastic cups
  • Balls: ping pong balls, ball pond balls or you can even just crumple up some colour paper into balls.

Line the buckets or cups in a row. Get the kids to throw their ball into the cup or bucket. The first one to get all their balls in wins

Balloon pop

This is an easy fun physical game activity to do with kids.

You will need:

  • Balloons
  • String or ribbon

Blow all the balloons up and tie them closed. Take two balloons and tie one loosely around each kids ankle. Let them have fun by trying to pop each other balloons.

The Freeze game

This is a well know game that anybody can do. Let the kids gather in one spot. One person or adult is in control of playing the music and the kids can dance and move around. When the music is stopped everybody must freeze. Anybody who is seen moving is out of the game.

Scavenger hunt

A good old scavenger hunt is always fun and exciting to do and can be done outdoors as well as indoors. Any of the items you hide can also be chosen to fit the theme of the party.

Print or write out the items you want the kids to find and hand them each a copy. You can have the kids just look for the items or you could make it more difficult with clues and puzzles.

Have fun!