Planning a party can be a stressful business! There’s so much to organise and if you leave it until the last-minute, it’s easy to forget about important party essentials.

1. Choose your party theme – This one’s a biggie because you can’t really plan anything until you’ve chosen your party theme. But there are so many themes to choose from that you can feel a bit spoilt for choice!

2. Send your invites – There’s no point planning a party if you don’t give people enough notice to save the date.  We’d recommend sending your invites about three weeks before the party to avoid people making conflicting plans.

3. Stock up on party supplies and decorations – This is where the real fun starts! Decide whether you want to go simple or all out (why wouldn’t you?)

5. Order a birthday cake – If you’re planning a birthday party, you mustn’t forget this!!! Order it a couple of weeks in advance to make sure it’s ready on time.