Funtubbles XD Theatre delivers a multi-sensory adventure with their XD Motion Rides. The unique motion technology allows seats to move individually in an amazing range of motion: left-right, front-back, up-down, yawing (twisting about a vertical axis), pitch, and roll. Combined with its unparalleled speed simulation, 3D stereoscopic graphics, 360° surround sound, wind effects, and special lighting effects, it immerses you in a whole new level of entertainment.

We have a range of 6 different movies to entertain the whole family. Each XD motion ride lasts for 5 minutes. Our XD movies include:

  1. The Adventures of Jett and Jin– Jett, a young boy with a wild imagination, builds jetpacks for him and his cat, Jin, as they embark in wild adventures. Kids will feel like they are flying next to Jett & Jin experiencing all the thrills of this great ride.
  2. Haunted Mine– Hang on to your ten-gallon hats as you plunge headfirst into a dilapidated mine. Inside this hotbed of mystery and suspense you will come across the mines ghostly prospector who will not want you to venture further but your insatiable appetite for adventure will disagree. Only quick thinking and a little luck will get you out!
  3. Ravine Racer– Ride through death defying canyons and ravines at supersonic speeds on a race at 600mph- through an unforgiving desert on jet powered flying cars.
  4. Cosmic Coaster– This futuristic wild roller coaster ride through space will transport you to another planet! Speed through landscapes that you’ve never seen before as you’re thrown from the highest cliffs, plummeting through to the depths of an unknown alien world.
  5. Canyon Coaster– An exhilarating roller coaster adventure in the canyons and caves of the American southwest.
  6. Robots of Mars– A wild and whacky ride in which you soar into a comedy adventure to help Mad Doctor, Sparky the Robot and a band of mechanical misfits to defeat the evil supervisor of Mars and save the universe!