All rides are accessed using a specially designed credit card type card. Once the card is purchased it is kept for life and families can purchase as many as they like. Purchase price is R10.00. The cards can be loaded with credits (1 credit = R1.00) either at the cashier or at any of the teller machines situated around the fair and can be reloaded at any time.

The unique numbering system enables management to track credits and card usage on any particular card at any time. These cards are magnetized and coded and rides are accessed by swiping the card through an electronic card reader. Once swiped, the ride price is automatically deducted from the card. Rides range in price from R6.00 to R30.00.

The rides operate on a ‘one person one swipe system’- each and every person who wants to ride must use the card- this includes adults accompanying smaller children on rides. One family can use one card for all the members of the family. Cards may also be used at the kiosk for the purchase of refreshments, if it’s loaded with credits. If cards are lost, new ones may be purchased at the original price, but we cannot refund credits that were on the original card.

If cards are damaged, a new one is purchased, and brought to us with the damaged card, to transfer credits from damaged card. The cards, credits on the card, as well as bonus credits on the card, cannot be refunded.