There is not an investment wiser than spending quality time with family. The word “family” is a collective term. In other words, it is not just a couple of individuals living together under the same roof, but a group of people who are connected and share good as well as bad times. A few of the benefits of spending time with family are that nobody knows you like your family and they can be a source of comfort and safety. Family is not always perfect but it is important to build family bonds that will get you through the tough times. There are quite a few advantages of family. Here are some of the benefits of family time together as well as some family time statistics that you may find surprising.

To me, the advantages of family are that you have people to love and who love you. No matter what. The advantages of family are having people catch you when you fall, guide you when you are lost, and restore hope when it is waning. Having someone who knows you through and through and loves you and believes in you, maybe even more than you believe in yourself. Well, that type of family relationship is just invaluable!

Sometimes it is easy to take our family for granted but they are a gift. If you ever lose a family member, you will be reminded how precious they are, how fleeting time is, and how we should treasure our family every day. An extended family with grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins just means more people to love and care about each other. It gives you an even sturdier foundation to build your life on.

There are also more pragmatic advantages of family. Having a whole nuclear family under one roof, as opposed to split families under multiple roofs is more financially sound. That huge savings allows more spending money for things the whole family may need and want. More financial stability also tends to mean that the people in the family have more time to spend with each other. There are many benefits of family time and many positive statistics to help prove that.
benefits of spending time with family
10 Benefits of Family Time

If you have ever been asked why is family time important, here are 10 strong reasons why spending time with family is important!

1. Strengthens Family Bonding

One of the benefits of spending time with family and indulging in leisure activities together, is that it strengthens the family bond. This holds true to all type of family activities. They don’t always need to be fancy activities that require a bigger sum of money. Even home-based, low-cost activities such as game night, movie night, gardening, or playing outdoors have a big impact on the ‘health’ of the family relationships. These positive behaviors make everybody in the family feel closer emotionally to each other, which is always a good thing. These mundane everyday group activities are known as a family’s “core” activities. Those that require much time, money and planning (special events, vacations) are called “balance” activities.

Finding fun ways to spend special time together should be a source of joy. The benefits of family bonding are deeply related to a family’s ability to better adapt to the changes that come with life. The strengthening of family bonds is one of the important benefits of family time. Strong family bonds are one of the best ways to make us more resilient to the changes and challenges of life.

2. Quality Family Time Improves Child’s Academic Performance

The academic success of a child is associated with having his/her parents provide help and guidance when needed. The first steps are always the hardest and most important. This holds true especially in terms of studying. If you, as a parent, provide essential guidance through your child’s first academic school years, this will have a really positive effect on the child’s life in future. If you help your kid with school matters, it is more likely for him/her to receive a better education. This gives them an opportunity to land a better paying job in the future.

It starts in Kindergarten when you spend enough time letting your child know that you value education. You also need to let them know you expect them to put forth their best effort. Encourage your child to do well and get better grades. Asking about their day and what they learned helps them understand the importance of learning. They will enjoy getting attention for doing well in school activities. One of the benefits of family time is the opportunity to help young children achieve academic skills, confidence, and success. Success in academic performance often leads to better jobs and more financial security.
benefits of family time

3. Spending Time With Family Helps Kids Develop Parenting Skills

Time together with the parents helps the kids develop parenting skills. As strange as it may sound, it really is true. Kids learn by example. If you set a good example on how to behave with your children, your son or daughter will definitely remember that. They will naturally apply these ‘parenting skills‘ in the future with their children. In fact, you will probably notice siblings treating each other in the ways you treat them. I have heard my daughter tell my son, “Now Leo, would you like it if someone did that to you? Don’t do something you wouldn’t like done to you.”

4. More Family Time Results In Less Behavioral Problems

Family time is beneficial for parents and children. Youths who communicate more with their parents tend to have less behavioral problems. One of the benefits of family time is that they are learning interpersonal skills from the way we treat them. Communication skills are the key to the solution of all problems.

If you help your children learn to talk through problems when they are little, they will naturally do the same as they grow older. Especially when it comes to kids in their teen years. Everybody knows teenagers go through a lot of hard moments. Nothing can make it better for them than having non-judgmental advice from a caring parent. If they know they can come to you with their tricky situations, they will likely act out less and choose better solutions to their problems.
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5. Spending Time With Family Results In Less Violence

Adolescents that have a closer relationship with their parents are less likely to engage in acts of violence. Teenagers are often enraged for various reasons. This period of their lives is usually full of emotions, which are sometimes difficult to control. Unchecked emotions can often escalate to random acts of violence either against peers or as an act of self infliction. A conversation with a parent and quality time spent together is capable of relieving these feelings of anxiety and anger. Knowing they can turn to someone who cares and that someone can understand what they are going through helps calm them and leave them less frustrated. One of the benefits of spending time with family is helping each other with coping skills and healthy lifestyles.

6. More Family Time Means Less Chance of Drug Abuse

Studies show that teenagers who spend more time with their family are less likely to engage in substance abuse. Youths who experience various problems and are, in general, frustrated, are likely to seek ‘salvation’ in experiencing artificial highs. This, they ‘accomplish’ by using unlawful substances like drugs. Needless to say, the use of such substances could have great damage to their health and mental health.

Teenagers that always have an understanding and helping parent by their side will be less likely to have big problems. It is less likely that they will feel the urge to use such substances. It is also less likely that they will give in to peer pressure to try drugs when they understand that a parent has their best interest in mind. Parent expectations play an important role. Kids do not like to disappoint a parent who they feel is always there for them and who has made it clear that drugs are a poor choice.

7. Spending Time With Family Results in Greater Happiness

A lot of who we are as people is developed when we are kids. All we know is our parents and family initially. Developing a sense of belonging as a child is a huge benefit of family that stays with you throughout your life. A sense of belonging can lead to a happier child. A benefit of family time is learning that we are cared for and needed and both elements are important to happiness. Families need all their members to be an active giving part of the circle to function at their best.

8. More Family Time Can Lead To Greater Self-Confidence

Another benefit of family time can be building self-confidence. When parents display self-confidence in a way that shows they have a positive value of themselves without putting others down, kids can learn to value themselves. Family can foster a healthy self-esteem and a positive self-concept. This occurs not only through modeling behavior but also through helping the child develop important skills. Social competence and problem solving skills naturally improve the child’s self confidence. Family members can make a real difference in how members view themselves and their ability to succeed in life.

9. Spending Time With Family Results in Conflict Resolution Skills

Every family is sure to suffer its share of conflicts. At times, siblings seem born to argue with each other. Sometimes I just sit back and let them argue it out. After all it is good for them to learn to express their emotions and say what is bothering them. It is good for them to learn to talk through things.

Then there are times when they need help progressing through the argument in a constructive way. I try to be there to mediate and help them learn how to resolve conflicts on their own. The thing about family is that they are always there and it is hard to just avoid them or forget about them. That means you have to learn to work things out, to let the little things slide, and to make up and move on. Conflict resolution is an important life skill. One of the benefits of spending time with family is that they can help you learn to problem solve and forgive.

10. More Family Time Offers More Chance Of Success

One of the most important benefits of spending time with family is increased chances for success. A positive family environment allows the individuals to blossom instead of worry. All of the great benefits of family that I have already mentioned just set up family members for more success.

When everything is positive at home, each family member has a chance to grow to their potential and support each other in their growth. Family stability is key to academic success. Family helps provide you with a safety net and gives you reason to push yourself to succeed. Cleverism said that 66% defined success as “good relationships with friends and family,” so you can see right there how important family time is. And as Zig Ziglar said, “a synergism exists between your personal, family and business lives, and what you do in one affects the other two.”

There is also the point that more family members working for a common goal helps you get ahead. The help of the entire family helps have a bigger positive impact on any of life’s challenges.

Why Spending Time With Family Matters

These ten benefits of spending time with family are probably more concrete than you even expected. Less quantifiable benefits of family include being there each other and helping each other be better in all areas.

The good news it is that quality time doesn’t have to a family vacation, it can be a simple family night. Every little bit of time counts When we spend time as family cooking, cleaning, shopping, or building, we are teaching our children our family values and important skills that will help them function better in life.

From a bedtime story to a family meeting, creating positive memories creates a strong family bond. Which of these advantages of family bonding time surprised you? What are your favorite benefits of family time?


The advantages of family are many but don’t take them for granted. Building and maintaining a strong family unit takes you making it a priority and giving it your time and attention. I think a solid family life really helps children feel more secure and grow up to be more confident. Try a family dinner and group activity like a board game as a great way to enjoy each other’s company. The importance of having a good family relationship can not underestimated.