When a rainy day keeps the whole family indoors, it’s only a matter of time before you’ve exhausted the selection of kids’ shows on Netflix, as well as each and every one of the best animated movies on Netflix. When that happens, everyone usually turns to the nearest phone, tablet, or laptop to pass the time with YouTube. (Sometimes you can delay this by challenging everyone to a family board game.) Although YouTube is one way to quiet the “I’m bored” chorus, when you hear in-depth video game analysis and toy unboxing videos, it makes you wonder if there are kids’ YouTube channels offering something a bit more substantial.

Good news! There are plenty of YouTubers creating content that is informative and amusing. Whether you have toddlers or tweens to entertain, there’s a channel that will capture their attention—and maybe even secretly teach them something new. Even better? A lot of the content is enjoyable enough that you won’t mind watching a few videos together as a family. We’ve rounded up 10 channels that will broaden your kids’ YouTube horizon and perhaps inspire new interests in animals, science, crafts, and even geography. Tip: For a YouTube experience you can feel confident about, download the YouTube Kids app (or watch via your browser). The app is designed to allow kids to explore what they love and avoid content they might not be ready for.

1 Blippi

Made for toddlers and preschoolers and guided by an energetic host (the titular Blippi), this YouTube channel is focused on early educational topics. Young kids will love learning about colors, shapes, the alphabet, nursery rhymes, animals, and all the interesting things around them.

2 Ryan’s World

With 24.7 million subscribers (and counting), Ryan’s World is one of the most popular kids’ YouTube channels in the world. It’s filled with content elementary-age kids will love: You’ll find easy science experiments, toy reviews, cartoons, and a lot more—plus plenty of silliness.

3 TED-Ed

Older kids and teens will enjoy watching the kid-focused YouTube channel from the popular TED Talks. Here, you’ll find animated videos that explore interesting concepts in science, technology, and history, along with poetry and answers to important questions like, “Why isn’t the world covered in poop?”

4 Draw So Cute

If you have a tween that’s into art (or just cute stuff), they’ll love this fun YouTube channel that’ll teach them how to doodle anything from chubby pugs to their favorite pop culture characters. You can also find ready-to-print coloring pages for a fun family activity.

5 BBC Earth

If your kids are into animals, click right on over to the BBC Earth YouTube channel. There’s a good assortment here for kids of all ages and interests, with playlists covering the really wild (animal battles) to the really cute (baby animals). There are also interesting videos on creatures great and small, from dinosaurs to budgies.

6 Kids Learning Tube

The name of this kids YouTube channel may not be the wittiest, but it’s filled with a lot of fun. There’s content for both elementary and middle school-aged kids, whether they’re curious about clouds, planets, vegetables, or geography. The songs will get in your head, but that also means you’ve learned something, too!

7 HiHo Kids

It’s all about reactions at HiHo Kids, a channel where real kids expand their horizons—and hilarity often ensues. Whether they’re trying school lunches from around the world, meeting a body builder, creating their own runway show, or even planning unusual spa days for their moms, it’s fun to watch the learning process unfold.

8 Slick Slime Sam

There are dozens of ultra-creative DIYs and crafts to watch on this kids’ YouTube channel. And we do mean creative: There are an unusual amount of videos involving hamster mazes and habitats, plus videos involving making giant TicTacs out of hot chocolate mix. On the plus side, there will be something here that’ll entertain even the most bored kid in your household.

9 The Icing Artist

Although it’s hosted by a grown-up, this YouTube channel created by pro baker Laurie Shannon will amaze budding bakers (even if they aren’t allowed anywhere near your oven yet). Take the opportunity to try out some of her amazing dessert ideas for a fun family activity.

10 Maddie Moate

The UK-based EduTuber will inspire your kids’ curiosity about science, the environment, animals, and engineering through her adventures in the world (and at home). You can join her on a tour to see how LEGO toys are made, go underwater to explore sea life, or hang out in her living room to dissect a daffodil. Her fun DIY ideas and experiments, like freezing water like Elsa through supercooling and making hidden surprise soaps, also offer a fun way to spend an afternoon together.